When actions speak lauder than words


We communicate ideas and messages for a better world every day. But nothing can change if we don't act on it. We actively participate by supporting a range of actions and sponsoring ideas that help our world heal wounds and become a better place.

In addition to the emergencies that arise and that we always participate as a team and as promoters of the differing needs through our network, we actively support the following initiatives:

All for blue _

All For Blue is an environmental non-profit organization (Civil non- profit making Organization), with international actions of a purely educational nature. Its purpose is to protect the marine ecosystem and raise awareness about single-use plastics and ways to avoid them.

Antonis Sykaris _

He is the only Greek who has climbed four of the 14 eighth peaks of the earth (Grand Slam) and has climbed the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. He participated as the only Greek in the international winter expedition 2020/21 at K2 8.167m (7.450m)

Coco Mat _

With the invisible wisdom of Nature as their inspiration and guide, they create innovative products and furniture for the home, from natural materials while promoting a philosophy of living closer to nature, and opening up to our neighbors with a smile.