We are a young team with great enthusiasm and passion for communication.

Like any good idea, it starts with a creative person who had the ability to communicate it.

The story begins when Apostolos Koumarinos, in order to achieve his goals, he began to invest in the knowledge of the art of communication. He used it so well that he became a champion in public speaking and inspired others who had the ability to listen and recognize those skills

The idea of founding theSPEAKERScomes to fill the essential gap in the development of communication skills that is taken for granted, but is not.

At theSPEAKERSwe firmly believe that by developing skills, we gain confidence, strengthen our personal relationships and they deliver maximum performance.

When we feel supported and empowered, we can achieve any personal or professional goal.

Our vision is to connect different people who communicate ideas that can change the world.

theSPEAKERS is the 1st Personal Development Space in Greece based on the evolution of communication.

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