We are a small group of people but with great enthusiasm and passion for communication.

Like any good idea, it starts with a creative person who was capable of communicating it to its social environment. The story begins when Apostolos Koumarinos began to invest himself in the art of communication so as to achieve his personal goals. He loved communication so much that one day he became a champion in public speaking and inspired others who had the ability to listen and recognize these possibilities.

The idea of ​​establishing theSPEAKERS comes to fill the gap in the development of the communication skills which are usually taken for granted and considered to be something not that important. Actually, the communication skills are far more important nowadays than any other time in the past.

At theSPEAKERS, we firmly believe that by developing skills, we gain confidence, we strengthen our personal relationships and strive for the best. When we feel supported and that our skills are being developed, we can achieve any personal or professional goal.

theSPEAKERS is the 1st Personal Development Lab in Greece.


Meet our team:

Apostolos Koumarinos

Apostolos Koumarinos
Founder – Champion of Public Speaking

Apostοlos is a Business Executive, Public Speaking Champion and Amateur Ultra Marathoner.

He was born in Montreal, Canada and he is passionate about communication ever since he remembers himself. At the age of 7, he began reading books focusing on Rhetoric and self-improvement. Completing his MBA at the Nottingham Business School, he co-founded two rhetorical groups and also was awarded the Speech Champion of Impromptu Public Speaking. In 2018 he founded theSPEAKERS - The 1st Self Development Lab focusing on Public Speaking in Greece. In addition, he continued training in personal development, graduating in January 2019 from the Training and Lifelong Learning Center of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens as a Certified Coach.

He works as an International Sales Manager having traveled to 33 countries across 4 Continents, so far.

To date, he has successfully completed 9 marathons & ultra-marathons both on asphalt and mountains.

He warmly believes that in life we are ether Kings or pawns.


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