Public Speaking

Interactive and innovative seminars & workshops that aim to develop immediately the level of your everyday communication and Public Speaking through our "F.I.T." Rule - Flexible, Interactive, Team work. The basics of Public Speaking, Persuasion techniques, Body Language and other communication techniques and being approaches and analyzed.


Motivational and inspirational speeches through theSPEAKERS distinctive approach. The subjects are based on leading motivational theorists such as Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, Les Brown.


Public Speaking

One to One or group meetings (up to 5 people) fully customized to your needs.
Preparation of corporate presentations.
Presentation of thesis.
Startup Pitching.
Improvement of daily communication.
Interview preparation.
We will prepare you with the sole purpose of achieving your goal successfully!

Speech coaching

We are here for you for:
Your next TED talk.
Your next corporate seminar you would like to present to a professional audience. Your next motivational speech in order to really inspire your team.
Literally speaking, coaching is one of our most beloved service. Trust us.

Skype Call

The most versatile way of conducting private sessions that allows us to offer this program to many people around the world.


Motivational speeches to business executives/entrepreneurship galas/schools

Having already cooperated with big companies in Greece and attended some of the largest and most recognizable conferences in the country (TEDx, Athens Science Festival, Job Fair Athens etc.), we are always eager to new proposals of cooperation globally.

Technical speeches for development of corporate presentations

Ομιλίες σχετικά με την εξέλιξη και ανάπτυξη τόσο των προσωπικών επαγγελματικών παρουσιάσεων όσο και για την δημιουργία επιτυχημένων και στοχευμένων παρουσιάσεων μέσω PowerPoint. Speeches about the development and growth of corporate presentations skills and PowerPoint presentations content.


How to develop the leader within you? What are the appropriate leadership techniques and models that motivate your team? How do you improve? All the answers are in this beautifully interactive seminar. Contact us for more information.

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