After 12 years of experience, serving as a certified public auditor, Kostas is currently, occupied as an internal auditor in a pharmaceutical company.

Furthermore, he serves voluntarily as a mentor for university graduates, in order to effectively, complete their CV and prepare for job interviews.

Kostas is also, member in a public speaking club, giving various speeches, evaluations on other speakers’ speeches and serving in his club officer roles.

His passion about communication and public speaking led him to his cooperation with theSPEAKERS, concluding all of their workshops and being part of every event, they organized. In a speech he presented with the title “theSPEAKids worksop”, the idea for a public speaking workshop for kids and teen was born. Kostas enthusiastically, identified his development through this “public speaking and communication path” he has chosen, thus his purpose, now on, is to share his knowledge and cultivate communication skills in kids and teenagers.

His favorite quote is “If you can dream it, you can do it”, since he strongly believes that, whatever we dream and try hard for it, sooner or later, we will achieve it.